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Resource Guide for Bilingual Staff Members


UC Merced has been a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) since 2010. Language justice is a motivating factor in why bilingual staff members need to review the following tips for practicing Spanish-speaking skills.

Here are some strategies on how you can be successful as a bilingual staff member:

  • First, it is essential to understand that if you were hired for your bilingual skills, it does not mean you were hired to be an interpreter or to translate documents.

  • Interpreting and translating documents requires special training and or skills.

  • UC Merced supports and encourages career-related and job-related professional development activities, review PPS-50 for more details. Make sure to discuss training options with your supervisor.

  • Request accommodations and an assessment of your workload when it is expected that you use your Spanish-speaking skills to represent the department.

  • If using your Spanish-speaking skills is not within your job description, it is appropriate to request a Star Award for going above and beyond your duties.

  • Practicing your Spanish-language skills, reviewing Spanish language materials, or attending a Spanish course may be justified under the UC Merced Core Competencies and Behavioral Indicators.

  • Professional development activities on campus are attending the Language Accessibility Committee (LAC) meetings.

How to address microaggressions:

Spanish-language Resource link: